Are you 13 - 17 years old and want to improve your health?

We believe in flexible learning and make sure that our advice is achievable so we can support you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Our mission

Reliable information

Guidance for your family that is backed by research and evidence.

Free resources

Useful resources to help you understand and practice program lessons.

Lasting habits

Positive habits to help you live well now and in to the future.

About the TEAM program

The program includes phone-based health coaching, useful tips, tools,
physical resources and weekly interactive learning sessions.
An introduction to the Think, Eat and Move program.


Getting started

Learn about the five food groups and everyday and sometimes foods.


Healthy habits

Find out how to be more active and which drinks are best for your health.


Get active

Learn about how the outside world influences what we do.


Your environment

Find out what a standard serve is and how many you should have each day.


Food is fuel

Learn how to read labels and the different kinds of fats and sugars.


Fats and sugars

Understand how your thoughts and feelings can trigger different behaviours.


Mind and body

Discover tips and ideas to manage difficult situations.


Tricky situations

Well done! Look back on what you’ve achieved and plan for the future.


Congratulations and next steps

Some of our health coaches


Bachelor of Nutrition Science

Naomi loves working with families to encourage and support them on their health journey. She also works as a research assistant at Telethon Kids Institute and is a mother of 3 kids. She enjoys gardening and being in nature.



Bachelor of Health Science, Graduate Certificate in Rural and Remote Health Practice, Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Beth loves supporting families to overcome barriers hey face when trying to making positive changes. She is also a Health Promotion Officer facilitating sessions for disengaged youth.



Bachelor of NutriMaster of Human Nutrition, Bachelor of Nursingtion Science

Alex loves getting to know families and supporting them to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves. She also works with the department of health on the COVID-19 response team and enjoys walking her chihuahua Levi in her spare time.


Isobelle Mc

Bachelor of Nutrition Science, Masters of Dietetics

Isobelle loves supporting families in finding fun and active activities to do together! She also enjoys cooking up a storm in the kitchen with her homegrown herbs and veggies from the garden.

Isobelle Mc


Bachelor of Health Sciences, Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science (current)

Paul enjoys supporting families as they build confidence around improving their health. and loves celebrating their progress. He is studying nutrition and aspires to become a dietitian. In his spare time he likes going to the beach or reading a good novel.



Master of Public Health, Bachelor of Health Science

Bec loves empowering families to make healthy choices in a way that works for them. She also volunteers at The Pantry and is the Program Coordinator for a pilot program providing health education to older women.



Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Science, Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics

Emma loves to see individuals and families grow confident in their relationships with food and their bodies. She loves to promote healthy eating without any food restrictions. Emma also works as a private practice dietitian and enjoys trying new foods.



Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) and Master of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Amy enjoys supporting families to work together to make healthy changes that will last long after the program is over. She also works as a private practice dietitian and enjoys Pilates and bushwalking.



Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition, Bachelor of Applied Science (Consumer Science), Diploma of Applied Science (Home Economics)

Melanie loves helping families to make lasting changes to their health. She also works in recipe development, cooking workshops and food styling and photography



Master of Human Nutrition, Bachelor of Applied Science (Consumer Science)

Jacqui loves hearing how excited participants get when making healthy choices. She has previous experience in health coaching and also works as a Senior Research Consultant at Ipsos, researching healthcare in Australia.



Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

Brooke loves getting to know families and finding ways to create easy sustainable changes that work best for them. Brooke also works as a Fitness Instructor and has a huge love for sneakers!


Flexible learning options

In person

Come along to a program in a local community venue where you’ll learn alongside other parents and children. Our group-based programs include opportunities for active and creative play, as well as food exposure activities for young children.


Connect with your own health coach over the phone, and with other parents and carers via virtual group discussions. The online format provides flexibility for busy parents whilst still supporting families to establish healthy habits for young children.

Change your childs
furture today

You can help your child learn lifestyle habits that can reduce the risk illness and will support them lead a healthy life.